Who is LouCii


LouCii pronounced (Lou-Tshee) has revolutionized the sound of electronic dance music time and time again, selling millions of albums worldwide…and, according to him, he’s just getting started.

The EDM producer started his music career as a keyboardist at the age of 6. Within his first few years of music, he was composing, writing, and producing original tracks, which lead him to premiering his first radio playlist in the Middle East.

LouCii was one of the first producers/DJs to bring the EDM sound to the USA. Earning his reputation as the most sought after DJ in the Washington, DC area, He played regularly as resident DJ at the biggest clubs, including Fifth Column and Zei, also LouCii headlined EDM events such as Glow and many others in every continent. 

At the same time as he was leaving his legacy in EDM, LouCii released the first-ever Oriental/Dance fusion remix series under the alias “DJ Louie” which changed the sound of the entire music industry in the Middle East. Today, LouCii is regarded as the pioneer of the Oriental/Fusion remix.

In 2008, LouCii took time away from the music industry to challenge himself in his second passion, IT. As a Cisco network engineer, he achieved the ultimate recognition as a CCIE and is in charge of building some of the biggest networks in the world.

LouCii feels that now is the best time to make his return to the EDM scene. He is optimistic that his evolved, eclectic sound will once again reignite the genre.