Q&A with LouCii

How come you have been away from the music scene and why did you decide to make a comeback?

I decided to make a comeback this past year because I see a great opputunity in bringing the melodic sound back to EDM as most of what I hear today is nothing but noise and lacking the essence of what made EDM popular. 

What makes LouCii unique?

Every artist is unique in their own way, my dance music knowledge combined with my Middle eastern music knowledge makes me a multi threat producer in addition to my IT status as one of the most sought after Cisco engineers in the world. This combination makes me different than any other artist.

Why do you give DJs your music for Free?

Djs are the reason why artists get known, I always believed that any DJ promoting an artist's song should not be spending money to purchase it. I asked my label to provide the highest quality WAVE file of any LouCii track to any DJ requesting it 100% free. All other formats such as mp3 can be streamed using any online music store.

Are you going to tour and DJ again?

I am planning on it. For those who experienced a LouCii Dj set in the past, they already know what that feels like, for those who have not, I can't wait to meet you and take you on the best dance music journey of your life. My DJ set can never be duplicated, Once you experience a DJ LouCii set, any doubt about who is the best dance music DJ in the world will be put to rest. You can take that to the bank.