Press Release January 14, 2019

LouCii drops (Back 2 Da Future)

As promised, LouCii dropped his first 2k19 release titled (Back 2 Da Future). This is the first of close to 40 EDM hits dropping in 2k19 as LouCii proves again that he is the world's top dance music DJ and producer.

"The storm is coming, there is no escape" - LouCii

LouCii - Back 2 Da Future (Main Stage Mix)

Press Release December 1, 2018

Official EDM V2 introduction


The EDM scene has been popular for decades, but believe it or not, there are still billions of people around the world who still haven’t discovered this genre.

The problem we’ve been seeing within EDM’s current state (you might disagree) is that almost everyone is targeting the same piece of the pie. On top of that, we keep introducing sub-genres that gives the illusion that we’re growing; however, it does nothing other than divide the same piece of the pie into smaller pieces. We’re barley growing as an industry. 

Check out this article showing a slow down by 2% in 2018.

Check out this article as well.

This is what artist and producer LouCii had to say in an interview with Dash Radio earlier this month about EDM V2:

“I will take care of a potential 1 billion new EDM fans by using my talent and knowledge in Middle Eastern music and still continue to produce Big room and progressive tracks. In 1997, I pioneered the first ever Middle Eastern and EDM music fusion. My vision was to expand the Middle Eastern music audience and fan base to include the rest of the world. That experiment net over 50 million CDs sold in less than 2 years and made the Middle Eastern music sound huge and utilized by artists like Shakira, Sting, and many Hip Hop stars.

Today, I will do the exact opposite by fusing Middle Eastern sounds into EDM to add a potential 1 billion new EDM fans…this is my vision and duty as an EDM producer who was one of the first few to introduce the current sound of EDM to the US audience. I call this new vision “EDM Version 2” and my goal is to make this the biggest change EDM has seen in years.”

This new vision will become a reality later in December 2018 as LouCii drops his first two EDM V2 tracks. In 2K19, LouCii plans to drop over 40 additional EDM / EDM V2 tracks.